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When purchasing a cat with a pedigree:

A registered breeder comes with a purchase contract, and a care guide. In the contract you will be able to read the terms, under which the cat is covered. Registered breeders are subject to the Purchase Act, that means that there is 2 years warrenty on the cat, if it is purchased as a pet cat. Should problems occur with the cat, we recommend contacting the breeder, most breeders are willing to help and are available with advice and guidance throughout the cats life.


The pedigree costs only 225 danish kroner:

So that is not what makes a cat with a pedigree more expensive. The breeders make great efforts to find good breeding animals, investigates for inhereditary diseases and must comply with breeding and registration rules, including the conditions under which cats are kept.

The pedigree is your guarantee: 


That the cat has been bred under certain rules of elves and registration. As well as documentation of the last 4 generations behind the cat. The breeder can usually tell about the previous generations of cats, show pictures, etc.

When buying a cat without a pedigree, you have no guarantee if the cat is a pure breed. nor is there any guarantee that it will develop as a breed-typical cat in terms of appearance and temperament. And that's a shame. If you wanted a certain kind of cat.

The breeder ensures that:

A kitten gets off to a good start in life. It has been to the vet where it has been vaccinated, chipped, treated for worms, checked for bugs and deficiencies and will be neutralized. (this may vary from breeder to breeder. Depending on where the veterinarian clinic is located, these costs may vary) In addition, there is at least 3 months of consumption of food, gravel, and possibly supplementary infant formula. As well as procurement expenses and ongoing expenses for breeding cats. The breeders do a great job of giving the cats as good growth and living conditions as possible. The cats are a regular part of the family round the clock and they receive security, attention, love and care. When buying a cat without a pedigree. you often have to take the cat to a veterinarian yourself to get it vaccinated, chipped, neutralized, etc. These expenses, combined with the purchase price, are often higher than the costs of buying a cat with a pedigree.

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